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An entusiastic group of bidders at one of our Benefit Auctions.

The 7 questions that I have been asked most often and
my 7 best answers.

A few economic principles as they pretain to the auction concept:

Auction can best be defined as " The Social Construction of Value".

Price Discovery:Value is determined by a group via consensus rather than arbitrarily by an individual. This concept powers the world's Stock & Bond Markets.

What sells best at auction? Property that has both market demand and seller tolerance to current market value.

What do a:

Yearling colt sired by a triple crown winner;  a rare 17th century map;  an abandoned 1978 Cadillac; a freshly caught 100 lb yellow tail tuna; a Florida condominium; a prize Jersey cow; a billion dollars of Govt. Bonds; the paperback rights to the latest best selling novel; 100 shares of Google; a sketch on a bar napkin signed by Picasso; two hundred slightly damaged digital watches; a pair of Imelda Marcos’s shoes and the Pontiac Michigan Silverdome all have in common?
They all sold at auction.

What does auction tells us? That values are always changing.

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#1:What other services do you offer?

#2 What is the difference between an Auction and a "Tag" or "Estate" Sale? Answer:

#3:Why would I sell my Real Estate at auction?

#4.What advantage does Auction have over Brokered
or Private Treaty Transactions?


#5. How often do properties sell below appraised value?

#6: Is auction a good method to sell investment or commercial real estate,
and what if I have more than one property to sell?


#7. Do you do that Fast Talkin thing? Auction Anxiety.


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