Question #6

Is auction a good method to sell investment or commercial real estate,
and what if I have more than one property to sell?


Auction marketing excels at marketing commercial, multi-family or any property with a documented income stream.

It has been said that what sells best at auction is that which is in demand.

Developable properties, property with a documented cash flow and farm land are currently enjoying good demand, despite the uncertainty of other real estate markets. Investors will compete for a proven income producer or an opportunity to develop. The Bounds Auction Company has had excellent success with these types of properties.

Auction also excels for investors looking to sell an entire portfolio combining marketing budget, timelines and attracting the most interest possible.

You could enjoy the benefits of buyers bidding on them as individual parcels by choice, (highest bid selecting the property they want) and if the properties are connected, in various combinations (multi-par).

This added dimension is impossible to achieve in a traditional listing.




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