Question #1

What other services do you provide?



The short answer is, "What do you need?"
Service is what sets our company apart from the typical realtor or tag sale operator.

Aside from auction, we are prepared to supply or oversee any other services that may be needed by our client.

Consultation. Property evaluation and reccomendations.
Outcome based stuctured sale strategies. Pre and post sale planning.
Design & implementation of sophistcated marketing programs.

Staging. Whether it is simply prepping the property for sale or managing upgrades, overcoming occupancy issues, clean outs, disposal, maintenance or even lawn care.

Management of the property or merchandise while in transition is a primary service necessity for many clients.

We have and can managed income property through the sale process to maintain a seemless income through out the transition.

Anything that may be important to an absentee owner or any busy, high needs individual, corporation or partnership. Executors, beneficiaries, trustees, etc.

It has been said that one cannot be all things to all people, but we strive exceed your expectations of service. The primary ethic of our little auction company is the work ethic.



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